AeroPress Brew Guide AeroPress Brew Guide

AeroPress Brew Guide

AeroPress Brew Guide AeroPress Brew Guide

One of the most rewarding aspects of brewing coffee with an AeroPress is finding the grind, timing and overall recipe that works best for your palate. The following recipe is how we are brewing in the lab, in the cafe and around the campfire. 

You will need:

        • AeroPress
        • 17 grams of coffee (we are using Cinder Cone) ground slightly coarser than sea salt.
        • Hot water just under boiling (200°F)
        • Spoon or paddle
        • Timer
        • Scale
        • Mug


• Insert a new AeroPress filter into the plastic cap.

• Use some of your hot water to fully wet the filter and cap. PRO TIP: Hold your cap over your mug or vessel to preheat your mug!

• Reassemble your AeroPress. You want a tight seal so keep things dry. 



• Add your grounds. 17 grams if you are using a scale.



• Just before you begin to pour water, start your timer. 

• Your first pour can go to the (2) mark on your AeroPress with a :25 second pour. Your coffee is blooming. 

• Stir or spin the chamber to ensure full saturation.

• Your second pour can go to the (4) mark with a quick :05 second pour. 



• Place the plunger in position and create a firm seal. 

• Begin a slow, consistent press for :60 seconds. 



• Stop before you hear the hissing sound! This can take a couple times to gauge where to stop but it's ok to have a bit of water left in the AeroPress.

• Your timer should be reading 1:30 minutes.

• Enjoy!

New to brewing with AeroPress? Order the "Holy Water" AeroPress Brew Kit.