You are very welcome. Directions to SE Belmont (7-6 every day). Directions to Downtown (7-6 every day).


This is the place behind the cafes where our team creates, collaborates, cups and learns. A deep respect for coffee collides with a drive to create new experiences with coffee as a medium.


We are hijacking the notion of a coffee blend. Single origin quality coffee blended together to create exciting & challenging flavor personalities. Beyond blends, our Oh! label is where we share our selections of remarkable single origin offerings.


Portland is home to an incredible community of artists. They own our walls. Contact our curation team to start a conversation at


Throughout 2020, our major project was a critical introspection and then creation of an internal team book in collaboration with Apron Equity A remarkable journey. Read excerpts here. With this draft in hand, we are excited to meet new coffee & creative team members. Please send resumes to