AeroPress AeroPress



From the counter to the campsite, the AeroPress is versatile, lightweight and brews a wonderful full-bodied & nuanced single cup of coffee.

Use with AeroPress filters (included) 

  • Included in box: AeroPress, 350 filters, stir, hexagonal funnel, scoop and tote

  • Brew size depends on method and style

  • Durable due to food-grade polyurethane rubber construction

  • Easy to use, built to get creative and brew to your taste preferences and style

  • Contains no BPAs or phthalates

  • 11 ½ inches tall, 4 ½ inches wide

The AeroPress was invented in 2005 by Alan Adler, the engineer who also invented the Aerobie Frisbee. There are as many ways of brewing with an AeroPress as there are ways of getting your Aerobie Frisbee stuck in a tree. Keep an AeroPress in the cupboard or glove compartment. Wherever you are brewing, you can be confident that the AeroPress will perform time and again to take you as far as you can take it.

Learn to brew with our AeroPress Brew Guide