Fellow Atmos Vacuum Canister


When our team at NEVER tested the Atmos canisters, we were instantly in love. This is a very functional and effective vacuum canister that looks fantastic and has smart intuitive vacuum controls. We can confirm Fellow's claim that the Atmos extends the shelf life of coffee beans by 50%.

  • Included in box: Atmos Vacuum Canister

  • Twisting the lid back and forth sucks air out to prevent oxidation. The integrated vacuum pump is built into the lid!

  • A vacuum lock indicator dot reveals a green ring to show a vacuum lock.

  • When you want to brew a coffee, press the easy release button on top of the lid

  • Airtight silicone seal stops air, moisture and odors

  • Available from NEVER in two sizes .7 liters or 1.2 liters

  • Both sizes come in matte black

  • .7 L canister holds up to 12oz of beans and 1.2 L canister holds up to 16oz of beans

  • Not dishwasher safe - please refer to Fellow's Instruction and Safety Guide for cleaning instructions